To establish an organization for the Muslim community of Southeast Aurora in Colorado for families and individuals irrespective of the country of origin and provide a platform to keep our youth engaged in positive activities, which will in turn keep the community united and engaged.

Performance and Past Experience
In the past 7 years the leadership team have arranged more than 100 events with more than 1000 participants from local organizations and communities. These activities were held at local community club houses, parks, and rented community centers thus far. These activities include community carnival for a private school, musical concert, athletics activities for all, camping, Ex-Denver Broncos NFL speaker for the youths, and various ethnics potlucks, etc. Due to limited space not all pictures can be shared but here are few. Figure 2 consists of a set of 4 pictures about the Ex-Denver Broncos Super Bowl Champion, Ryan Harris’s event. Figure 3 shows hiking, camping, youth basketball, and kid performance events. The leaders of SEA-Community & Event Center have done numerous events and the success has brought them more members and recommendations at the personal level.